Brannon’s Pioneer DS310 mods


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CB7253B6-C1CE-48CB-8C6D-4FE5FC39A2AF.jpegI used a tv mount that can swivel and tilt. There’s a stud dead center of where the two doors meet when opened and just enough gap in between for the mount to fit without interfering with them. I just used 2 lag screws to attach.



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Been several mods made here and there, some on the fly and haven't been documented. I finally remembered to get some pics of a few of them and Ill try to get some pics of the others soon and post.

Plexi screen door glass. This is one of the best mods we have ever done. Our door is open 99% of the time no matter the temp outside. Just used Velcro to hold it in place so I can remove it when needed without tools.

Screenshot (9).jpg

Another is the stabilizer foot and leveling wood storage. You cant really tell from the pic, but between the rear of the rig and the rear bumper i added some expanded metal. it holds the leveling blocks so when they are wet i don't have to have them in the pass-thru storage and getting stuff in there wet. I also added grab handles to my 6X6 blocks we use under our stabilizer jack feet.

IMG_6028 (2).JPGScreenshot (7).jpg

There are several more convenience mods I have made and will try to post soon.