Can't find the hot water bypass! Could use a little help...


Hello! My wife and I recently purchase a new Heartland Sundance 255BH and I can't seem to locate the hot water bypass anywhere.

It's not accessible via the front storage compartment and it's not on the backside of the hot water heater itself. Owner manual isn't much help either, unfortunately. I removed the access panel below the oven and it appears to be part of the HVAC system, so I don't think that's it either.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!



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Follow the water lines to/from of the water heater, you will find the by-pass valves. Should be 3 valves, cold inlet cut-off, hot outlet cut-off, by-pass line between.


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Maybe another assembly line "omission"???

Not too hard to "fix" with Sharkbite push-on PEX valves and tees near the water heater, although you shouldn't have to do this.

You might want to call the Heartland factory and speak with the Sundance product manager, or at least get his email address. Have your Sundance's VIN number at the ready anytime speaking to heartland about a service issue.
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