Considering a 2022 MALLARD M251BH


Hello. New to the site. We have owned travel trailers of various sizes and models for 10+ years. We are considering a 2022 MALLARD M251BH. Has anyone owned or currently have a Mallard? Looking for some feedback on quality. This will be the first new unit that we are buying and I want to make sure its going to last. The look, layout and features all seem good to us but we are looking for some real world experiences. Thank you.


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We had a 2018 Mallard M33 that we full timed in for 2 years prior to upgrading to our current 2020 Big Horn 39MB and we really enjoyed it even as we were upgrading. The quality on ours was good. The insulation was pretty good too as we never had any frozen pipes even in 5 degree weather with 20 mile per hour winds and we stayed warm. The quality in conjunction with the club/rallies (the clubs/rallies have recently changed so that might be a moot point now, only time will tell) is what made us stay with Heartland and upgrade to something bigger. We've owned several brands and honestly haven't had many if any problems with any of the other manufacturers either.

With all that said make sure you do a proper PDI (which is probably why we haven't had many issues with all the various RV's we've owned) and have the dealership fix anything that you identify wrong or broken because it's much easier to do it prior to taking it home.

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