EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Jackson - 9/17/2015 to 9/21/2015

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Thank you Rod and Kelly for putting something together so quickly! We really wish we could attend. It's just a little too far for us to travel at this time. We were so looking forward to attending our first Rally, as we just became members in May. Thank you again for the invite! We look forward to having a chance to meet everyone soon. The HOC is such a wonderful group of people!


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Sally and I will attend. We are arriving on Wed. the 16th and will depart on the 20th or 21st. We will be in space 49. Seven Feathers is a great RV park with exceptional amenities. Thanks Rod and Kelly for organizing the event on such a short notice.


Reitired - California-Central Chapter Leaders
Greetings Heartland Owners Club:

My heart is broken in many different ways! I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to reconnectwith old friends and connect with new friends…I know that many of you,including myself, planned this Jackson Rancheria Rally as a vacation(well-deserved in my case – LOL)…I am disappointed, but how do you feel thatemotion with the devastation around me at this time (Butte Fire)? This Rally was to be in memory of my husbandand life partner of 43 years! He passedon April 17[SUP]th[/SUP] of a rare blood disease - idiopathicthrombocytopenia…that means I will never know why or how it happened! But inlight of this and my need to help my community, I am asking for any assistancethat you may be able to provide or help with… Monetarily will be the first – but my concern is not the immediate need,but the need in a few months! Mycommunity has been amazing in the out-pouring of donations, food, clothing,etc. We are not a wealthy community, butmy heart is overwhelmed with the out pour from my community…

Stacy Joyner
P. O. Box 917
San Andreas, CA 95249



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I regret having missed seeing you and expressing my condolences. I am widowed myself. Don't let the tragedies of this year overwhelm you. Get out, walk, see friends. Remember the devastation of the Mt. St. Helens volcanic eruption in Washington. God has returned the green of plant life, and the animal wildlife has made a similar return.

If you haven't already mailed out my rally camping fees refund, please keep it and redistribute it to the needy in the burned out areas as you see fit. If you have already mailed it to me, you can expect to get it your check back. I hope that other owners who did not make the rally would do the same. Along that line, I would ask that any chapter rallies in the near future consider taking up collections at their rallies for California fire disaster relief, and send the monies to the American Red Cross, or Stacy.
This is the first Heartland rally I can think of cancelled because of natural disaster.
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