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I just wanted to post a note to all Ontario members.

We no longer own a Heartland RV so, as I understand it, we can't be members of this "club".

We won't miss traveling in our Big Country and honestly we probably won't miss HOG a great deal. We won't miss waiting for the next failure in one system or another.

We WILL miss the Ontario Chapter of the Heartland Owners. After the rally in Niagara Falls last year I can definitely say that we've never come across a friendlier, more inclusive group of people anywhere. Thank you for welcoming us and making us immediately feel like we were home.

We'll continue our travels but now it will be in a 33E38 Glendale Titanium.

Take care all,
Jon Vidler,


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I am not a moderator, but I am sure one will chime in. They always say you are free to hang around and share or just monitor. Once a heartlander, always a heartlander.


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Hi JonV,

Even though club membership is dependent on having a Heartland RV, forum participation doesn't require that. You can still participate to whatever degree you want.

You can probably also continue to attend local chapter rallies subject to chapter leader approval. Non-Heartland owners have to pay a nominal attendance fee to offset costs not covered by club membership.


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Hi Jon and Eileen - wishing you both all the best in your travels. Tony and the Titanium group I'm sure has as much fun as we do at rallies. You'll still have a blast. And as Dan mentioned, you will always be welcome at any Heartland Owners Club "Chapter" rally. Happy trails...


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Jon & Eileen,

Thank you for your kind words regarding the Ontario Chapter! We are glad you enjoyed your time with the club as we did your company. All the best with your new unit, safe travels and keep in touch.


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Even though you are not a Heartland owner, I would suggest stopping by the forum on a regular basis. In my opinion it is, by far, the finest forum in the industry, from being well moderated to offering a ton of great advice that is relevant to most RV issues. Our first travel trailer was an Edge M22 which we thoroughly loved. To this day, I still take my morning dog walk with my Heartland blue coffee mug and occaisionally have to explain why an owner of a SOB has a genuine Heartland mug. Since Heartland bought DRV it's a bit easier to explain.
I am certain you will always be welcome on this forum.


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Thanks for clarifying Jim. We'll definitely keep in touch with the chapter then. BTW, Tony is definitely more into Red Woods :) although we do have a Titanium again.


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Jon, now that Tony is a dealer, I can understand his activity level with Redwood.

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