Fuel 287 Switch for vent fan in Kitchen


It would be nice to have a switch to turn on and off the vent fan in the kitchen. There is a switch in the bathroom. However, in the kitchen you either have to get a ladder to turn open the vent and turn the fan on or get an easy reacher and do the best you can with trying to twist the knob to open the vent and turn on the fan.


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Hi am49,

It kind of sounds like you're describing a Fantastic Fan mounted in the ceiling over the kitchen. If so, you might look around for an analog style thermostat. Ours is mounted in the hallway, just above the digital thermostat that controls the furnace and A/C.


I haven't seen anything near the a/c and furnace. Our a/c and furnace control is on the bottom of the cabinet as you start the living area. The salesman didn't seem to think there was a switch for the kitchen vent fan when we bought it a few months ago. The ceilings are tall and it can't be reached. The bathroom has 2 switches like a light switch (one for opening the vent door and one for turning the fan on).


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A 3' step-ladder carried in all of these trailers are your friend....to reach ceiling lights, cabinets, AC filters, your switch in question, etc.


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Did you have a PDI, when you bought the TH??
They would of explained everything you would of asked.
Our PDI took 4+ hours.

As stated above in a previous post a 3' ladder is your best friend..


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If it’s the standard fan, not a Fantastic fan, you could wire a wall switch to turn it on/off, but opening it would still be a manual operation. If it is a Fantastic fan, that has a motorized lid, there should be a thermostat for it.

The original Fantastic fans use an analog spring Honeywell 9988-81 thermostat. I recently bought a replacement thermostat (same as the original) for mine. About $25.

I may be wrong, but I think newer models of Fantastic fans may actually use a remote key fob to operate them. I’m betting what you have is a Fantastic Fan. Take some photos or get the model info off it and post it.

The photo is of the OEM thermostat. Mine is acting up lately, so I got the replacement to install next week.

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Ours does not have a thermostat or a motorized lid in the kitchen. Roof is the same height as in the bathroom. You would have thought they'd put in the same motorized fan with switch in the kitchen. And to the earlier posts, yes we use a easy reacher or a ladder.
You are spot on, and we were concerned about the kitchen fan when we were looking at the unit. We worked a Maxxair Maxxfan 4500K into the deal, and they actually installed three of them (bedroom, kitchen & over bunk) for the price of one (~$250). We are glad we did as the circulation of those fans is CRAZY compared to the regular bathroom fan. Well worth it from our perspective.