How many pets travel with you?


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Both female stubby legged Pekineses named Buttercup & Malou, two Persian long haired named Mattie and Harley are VIP travelers. The cats ride in the trailer and the stubs ride in the cab with us. What's your pack like? How many VIP's (Very Important Pets) do you have traveling with you?:eek:
We take our clan of three dogs with us where ever we go. Yogi the Samoyed, Sammy the Siberian husky and McDuff the Westhighland Terrier. We know a lot about hair.


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Two traveling (indoor only) kitties! Mambo and Tango, they are brothers. They ride in a carrier in the back seat that points between the two front seats, so they can see all the action. Though they mostly sleep through it.


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Lance & Jo

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Rocky has been gracious enough to allow us to share in his travels for the last 9 years. It took a while after living on the boat for him to really embrace the RV lifestyle but now he is his old helpful self. Here he is bringing a friends rig up to the pumps in Canada last year.

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Our two English Mastiffs, Collin and Emma, ride in the truck with us and then take over the trailer when we stop.IMG_1421.jpg


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We have two dogs, Cassie-full blood Schnauzer and Tramp-Chihuahua, Jack Russel mix. Both are rescues and are great travelers.


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We have Herbie, who is a Teddy Bear. One half Bichon/one half Shih-tuz. He was just 8 years old August 8th. He is our Little Boy, dressed in fur..
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We belong to Mona, a 12 year old toy poodle, & Winston, a 5 year old pug. Both allow us to accompany them in their truck. If you've met them, you understand!!


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Five, two standards, two toys and one miniature Poodle. It's a good thing we have a crew cab.
Three in the back seat, two toys on Moms lap.

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We are currently the slaves of one French Brittany named Millie and Boxer named Lola. In 2010 we lost the littlest member of the pack a Yorky named Muffin.
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Grey Ghost

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We travel with one white Westie named Buddy and he loves to travel. He rules the place and lets us know if someone is coming so he earns his keep. As soon as we say anything about camping, he is by our side until we leave, he will not be left behind!:cool:



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We have two...Katie our 80lb english setter and our little rescue ****zu/poodle Tiffy.....can't imagine not having any fur babies:):)


Paul & Nan

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We are allowed to occupy the truck and trailer by three Bichon's. The words "go" or "camping", or the sound/sight of travel harnesses are all that are needed to cause great excitement. There is Rocky 6, Jake 5, and JayJay 1 1/2. Rocky and JayJay are rescues, in fact we failed Foster parenting 101, ending up with JayJay.