How to flush out Fresh water holding tank?

I can't figure out an easy way to empty out the fresh water holding tank. My camper is brand new and when I put water in the tank, it has a strong plastic like smell coming out. I don't have blk or grey water hookups and have to empty my tanks into a honey wagon hauling waste water over 50 feet away to a septic. :-( So I am not eager to run much water into the tanks. Is there an empty valve somewhere for the fresh water holding tank? I have a 2022 Heartland Mallard tailwind T180BH. Thanks for any suggestions!


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not familiar with your model, but majority of campers have a fresh water tank drain. There should be red & blue lines with shut offs close to one another both will have shut off valves. Then another line(color can vary blue or clear) with a shut off for the fresh water tank. Good luck


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While not familiar with your model, look underneath the rig near the axles. There may be a blue PEX pipe sticking out with a valve on the end. That would be the water tank drain. You may need to sanitize and flush your tank to get rig of the new plastic flavor.

Some owners have noted that the drain pipe on some rigs was not pulled through the underbelly covering due to poor workmanship at the factory. You may have to drop part of that cover to find it if that’s the case.

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All of the heartland RVs I have had , this is what the fresh water drain looked like(blue pex line). It came thru the coroplast covering and had a valve on it. The fresh water tank is usually located above the axles due to its weight.


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