Kudos to PI 50 A EMS !!!!


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This past w/e we went to a new to us CG that said they had a 50 A site. Mind you, was told this was a older CG as well. Once on site, hooked up power via PI 50A EMS, went inside, turned on fridge and rear A/C. few seconds later, poof, nothing. Waited a minute, tried again, same thing. WTH? Go out to EMS box and lo-n-behold it's saying low voltage on 1 leg. Again, WTH? Have CG come check the outlet and their little radar says the same thing (low 100 volts). Just below it is a elect meter (ton of seasonals so more so for them), removes the meter, checks wires, same thing. Goes to main panel down by office and reports back that has same reading as well. Calls his electric buddy who says to call utility company cuz the problem lies w/ them/transformer. So needless to say we were able to run the BR A/C at least, micro at times. Oh, fridge even tripped the power on that leg alone. So we had both the fridge and water heater on gas.

All I can say is, "WHEW" and Thank God we had the PI EMS other wise it could have been very ugly for us. It DID it's job!!


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that's why we buy these things to protect us from costly repairs!! I have the PI 50 amp hardwired unit.