Pi 30a ems


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A buddy of mine started into the world of RVing this year and has purchased a used TT toyhauler. Amoung other things he's bought, he got a PI 30A EMS......good choice IMO. Well for some reason he said no power exits out of it (home or at CG----1st time was this past w/e). Reads normal, no codes, no power to coach. If he unplugs from the EMS and directly into outlet w/ RV cord, has power to coach. He called me to ask me a question not related to this, but I asked about a whole lot of things and this came up. My 1st thought was the EMS was sensing a problem (home and at CG) thus not letting power thru-----but no codes.....odd. 2nd thought was a defecftive EMS.Suggested he call PI and see what they say. He bought it from CW online. What do you all think/feel could be the prob?