Looking into Slide Toppers for my rig


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Looking into slide toppers for my 3560ss.
Priced Dometic toppers with my dealer and seems like a good choice.
They sell a device that supposably is kinda a brake that prevents the topper from unraveling more after being rolled out , any experience with this?
I had toppers on my last BC and they were fine unless the wind blows just right and they flap and make a lot of noise, any solutions for this problem?
Any thoughts on different brands welcome.
Let me know what you think


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I removed my crappy Carefree toppers and installed the Dometic toppers. I much happier with them now. The Carefree only has 1 small screw holding them together and I've had 1 fall out on the first trip and 1 has snapped off completely. I had to replace all the scews with longer ones to be safe. They are all in the landfill now and I'm way happier withvthe Dometics.
Also the stupid safety catch on the Carefree toppers kept working its way off the stopper pad and scratched the crap out of my full body paint.
Live and learn right !!


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