M32 Rear AC my way

I am putting a second AC in the bunkhouse. Not being one to settle I decided to install it as an additional ducted unit. It is not real complicated as the duct work already runs past it on both sides. The first step was to cut the ducts into the ceiling opening.


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Thanks for sharing...will you be putting a thermostat in the room or using on the unit controls?

also realize that you are cross connecting with your other system. Not bad it’s just that when only one system is on some cool air will go to the “other part of the ducting”.

With my BH3010 that is fully ducted standard I put in closeable ceiling outlets to better balance the system. Sometimes we close the bedroom outlets to force the cool air from the bedroom a/c into the living room so we can keep the living room unit off for a quieter time.
I've been wondering that same thing myself I'm considering upgrading to the multi-zone thermostat I'm not sure but I'm assuming it could run both fans at the same time just for that reason. I have already run the wires for a standard wall thermostat and for multi-zone I'm bringing it to Camping World for some warranty work they're working on a quote for the equipment.
I have an update
The new system includes a 15k heat pump in the front location and a 15 ac in the bunkhouse. I have installed a wall mounted thermostat in the bunkhouse above the light switch. The living room thermostat has also been relocated to the end of the upper kitchen cabinets by the light switches. There are 2 additional vents as well one in the bathroom and one in the bunkhouse. I will be going to the fort wilderness campground tomorrow for the first test.