Milestone 370FLMB Winterization


Hello all. Trying to winterize for the season, and for the life of me, I can't seem to find the water heater bypass valve. My water heater is aft over the axles, but there is seemingly no way to access the backside of the wh. Does it make sense that the valve might be located in the front basement? My goal is to send anti-freeze through the lines, but having a bypass valve so far from the wh would seem ineffective. Anyone happen to have a diagram or knowledge of the system? Appreciate any feedback.


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Hi avigator,

If you have a Universal Docking Center (UDC), where all the water connections are made, it would be in there. But you may not have that. In that case, start on the interior, near where the water heater is located. On some trailers, access is by way of removing a drawer or a panel held in place by screws.


In regards to the location of the water heater, it is under the bottom bunk in the “bunk room”. I believe there is also a drain for the water in the front of the access panel outside the RV. Hope this helps, feel free to reach out with questions. I have the same rv as you do.

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