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Ok I have only seen a couple of discussions on this and have not seen anyone put one in a toy hauler. Our Dometic 13.5 living room unit is not cutting it here in FL and since we do not have a Garage unit I am going to have to fork out some $$$ to do something anyway.

Unit Pioneer 12K Unit.

In the living room I can use the space above the tv Cabinets where the center channel speaker lives (That we have never used). That also leaves me plenty of space to run copper and lines down through the cavity there and over to the small storage compartment that the mini fridge lives in. Based on the sizes of the outdoor unit I think I have almost enough space to use that area for the outdoor unit.

The benefits would be great in the fact that it would save on electricity since we are full timers and stay parked. Also the thing is super quiet and would gain us a better environment in the camper.

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Do not see why it would not work. I have a mini split in my house and the thing works great. I see there are several models from different manufacturers and some that are self installed. The system I have runs on 220 but I am pretty sure that have 110 versions.


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Not ideal for collecting bugs but Spacecraft mounts the Condenser on the front of the trailer.


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A couple in our RV Park added one to their travel trailer (they are permanent.) they really like it! He had his professionally installed by an HVAC friend. He said its very efficient and very quiet.

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