No Big Country's at Hershey RV Show


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In the HL section at this years show, there wasn't any BC's there. BH, BH Traveller and Cyclones and others, but no BC's. Shoot wasn't even Wilkens running the HL section. Hope someone from HL sees this and can answer as to why. I did speak to a tech from Wilkens and when I asked why they don't have any BH/BC in the NY area his response was: "If a RV doesn't meet our specs, then we won't carry them, plus while we may not have them in our NY locations doesn't mean we them in other locations". Hmmmmm, dunno if that's true or not as they use to be a good size BH dealer.


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There was a discussion on facebook about the return of Landmark. I spoke to my dealer (T&S RV) and was told that the Landmark line is being redesigned and will return, but it is unknown when. Another fellow in this post said that he had talked to someone at the factory and was told that the Landmark line is being dropped.