Request for Texas-South Chapter Leader Nominations

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The Texas-South Chapter has been ably led by Chapter Leaders Tom and Marti Mangum since June 2012 and, as some of you may already know, they are planning on retiring from their position after their rally in Montgomery next weekend.

If you would like to be considered for the role of Texas-South Chapter Leader or would like to nominate someone who you think would be a good fit, please contact:

Jay Coffman, HOC Region Director, South Central Region

Requirements for the Chapter Leader role are:

  1. Own a Heartland RV
  2. Current Heartland Owners Club member
  3. Live within the Chapter’s boundaries: exceptions may be made for full-timers
  4. Have access to a computer for emails and record keeping
  5. Utilize a computerized spreadsheet program for chapter rally reporting
  6. Time available to communicate with chapter members and club leadership
  7. Plan, execute and host 1 or 2 chapter rallies per year
  8. Team player
  9. Positive attitude towards RVing, Heartland RVs, Heartland Owners Club leadership and membership, and life in general

If you have questions, please contact Jay or me.


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Thank you Tom and Marti for your service to the club these last several years. Have a great final rally and hope to see you at future rallies where you get to "lean back" and simply participate :)
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