Residential Refrigerator/Freezer Problem

Since last night we're notcing the temperature in our Freezer is going up and it has stopped making ice. Woke up this morming and temperature was normal.... still no new ice was made. Throughout the day the temperature started rising. It now at 16 degrees. Ice box is working just fine. Can anyone give me some hints??? I THANK you in advance!!!!


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Assuming the water is still on to the fridge, do you have a water filter that may be plugged up? If the fridge is in a slide-out, check the water line and make sure it is not pinched closed somewhere along the route.


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The modern fridge is designed to be efficient. My home fridge did the same thing. So it may be iced up. At the back inside of the fridge is the fan and coil. There is a drain tube at the bottom of the internal assembly. A small amount of dust collects inside it over time and clogs at the bottom where the drip tray is. When this happens, ice builds up in that system. When the defrost turns on, some of the ice melts and the water runs out finding the lowest point. The trays at the bottom and below them. The cure is to remove everything out of the fridge, remove the plastic cover and be careful not to tear apart the foam insulation. You must keep putting hot water to melt the ice, or a hair drier. then pull the fridge and cut a small "V" with small wire cutters near the end of the drip tube. Inside the fridge, pour hot water at the base of the coil where the drain is until water comes out of the drip tube. Reassemble. Problem solved. Ya you need big towels to sop up the water at the bottom of the fridge when doing this.