Rookie Question on Leveling


So we have taken our first long trip and had great time didn't have any problem leveling in the RV parks. The last time we boondocked we had some issues getting the front down far enough to be perfectly level after having to raise it high enough to get it unhooked.

Is their a trick to it?

Truck is stock height in rear and leveled in the front. Has aftermarket tires but they are very close to stock.

Any tips would be appreciated.


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If you can't get the front down enough to be level, you could use blocks and raise your wheels. With this slope make sure you block the wheels so you don't roll back. Another way would be to reposition the trailer.


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Extend the landing gear to within 6" or so of the ground before dropping the extensions. Then raise the trailer and unhook. You should then have plenty of travel to lower the nose.


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If you haven't yet, try this.
Partially extend the legs with the motor before you set the lower half with the pins.
This will allow you to unhitch and still have some room to lower the front of your rig.


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This was exactly the concern I have with my new road warrior. I had a bighorn with the adjustable legs, but my road warrior doesn't. When we dry camped at Bristol last week we had the same problem. Fortunately we were able to get the front all the way down and the camper was level. It was weird seeing the camper all the way down in the front, but still level.


Thank you for all the good tips! Hopefully we will get a chance to try them out in a couple of weeks!