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Are there any suggestions as to how I might remove scratches from Countertops in my 2019 Landmark 365 Newport model? We purchased the unit to remain on an RV lot, with no intention of moving it, in June of 2019. About 3 days after taking delivery of the unit we were called home for a family emergency. At the time we took delivery I noticed numerous scratches on the kitchen island countertop. Some of these scratches were deep, apparently made by a cutting tool. The dealer told me that these would be fixed under warranty. When we returned 5 months later, to our dismay, we were told the warranty had expired after 3 months. Now, along with other issues, I am left with a badly marred kitchen counter . If there are any clues about what I could do I would be happy to hear them! Thanks!


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I would give Heartland Customer Service a call and explain the situation. Perhaps they can provide some guidance as to whether or not this would be a warranty issue. Do not trust what the dealer says.
If you are left holding the bag you could contact a solid surface countertop business. They will be able to take care of the scratches. This service of course will be paid by you.

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Your warranty on this item should be in effect on the date you made the claim, and remain in effect until the repair is done. Express this to the dealer and also tell them you are informing Heartland Service of their failure to comply with Heartland's warranty policies. You should also ask Heartland Service if you can engage an independent contractor under their warranty to address this issue, and ditch the dealer "service" department.


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A deeply scratched countertop is going to be a difficult warranty claim. Warranty from Heartland covers manufacturing defects, not damage after it leaves the factory. If this were going to be claimed as a manufacturing defect, it would be up to the dealer to contact Heartland immediately after the trailer got to their lot. If the dealer didn't, the scratch either came later and is on the dealer, or because they failed to put in a timely claim, it's presumed to have occurred after delivery and is still on the dealer.

As the dealer acknowledged to you that the scratch was there when you took delivery, and promised repairs, they should be making good on their promise, and then they can argue with Heartland about who bears the cost.

The good news is that the surfaces on these counters are renewable. Even deep scratches can be removed.


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Not sure what they’re using these days, but the older Hanex counters could be progressively hand sanded and polished to remove scratches (not deep gouges, though).

After Pieces of Human Waste broke into ours years ago to steal the TV’s while in storage, they left some nasty scratches on the island counter. I was able to polish it back to almost perfect condition. Started with 200 grit and worked to 3000 grit (wet) and finished with Polishing Cream (not compound) and wax.

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If you can get a close up picture it would be helpful.

I use a wool bonett and 3m rubbing compound with a variable speed buffer on setting 1.

Following up with 3m polishing compound.

Sometimes I use 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 grit wet sandpaper. Then the buffing

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