Updated LR stuff in 2013 Cyclone 4100


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My hubby was deployed in 2015, and he couldn't tell me NO! We replaced the day/night shades before he left with the 2" faux wood blinds, which do a better job of keeping light out - and are easier to open and close. I got some fabric from Hobby lobby to replace the ugly valance (sorry if you like them in yours, mine was black faux leather). We also ripped out the furniture and I replaced with residential furniture. A chair and a half from big lots, my special "mommy chair" that I bought before we moved away from Hawaii. And the IKEA gate-leg table which comes HIGHLY recommended. (We use stacking stools to sit at the table.) The table has 6 drawers that I use for spices, batteries, etc. It functions as a school table, a dining table, and a shelf when the leaves are down. Since we full-time, it's a great option - better than putting the tables in and out every day. We have never used them - and I don't even know if I know where they are!

Hubby also replaced the sound system with a Sony sound bar. He ripped out the wood paneling where the original sound system was, pulled those speakers out, and used earthquake straps to ensure that the soundbar stays in the hole. It fits pretty near perfectly, and works with our sound system. He drilled a smallish hole behind the cabinetry to house the HDMI cables necessary. I am pretty happy with it. My daughter's "PIG" picture is pretty nice, too! :)