Wiper seal under bedroom slide?


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The electrically-operated bedroom slide on our 2013 Landmark does not have a wiper seal on the bottom. You can see right into the gap between the slide and the body, up to the interior seal.

The other three slides (all hydraulic) all have bottom wiper seals.

Shouldn’t there be one on the bedroom slide also? It wouldn’t be hard to add it, although I might have to cut out notches at the rollers to keep them from grabbing the seal when it flips as the slide is being retracted.


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I have a similar bedroom slide and it does not have a wiper seal.
I've been meaning to put one on for about ten years now. I have the wiper seal on the shelf in my garage.
Maybe this year.



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Just looked a little closer at our Cyclone, which is also the same under the bedroom slide. I don't think there's a need to add an additional seal. Feeling around and using my camera, I can see there is a flat plastic plate the covers the floor area between the exterior bulb seal and the interior wiper seal that is just beyond the rollers. We have never noticed any air movement inside the rig, or water intrusion, so the combination of seals already there appears to be doing a good job.


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Our landmark was the same as yours. No outer wiper seal on the bottom of the bedroom slide. Further inside there is a wiper type seal, that rubs on the bottom on the slide floor. During use though, I put pieces of the pipe insulation in that gap, cause up here in the north we get a lot of stink bugs, and other insects that just love to ingress in that gap otherwise.


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If I was to shim up the box rollers to put the right clearances on the side walls to studs it then would take the wipe inside away from the floor base, there is a wipe P Profile wiper seal 70-4174-265 I think could work for me I have to decide if to share the lift between the roller base and install runners under for the roller.


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