View Full Version : Difference between axle placard and tire max pressure

08-11-2009, 09:08 PM
Hello forum members. I have a 2008 BC 3250 that came with Mission "China Bomb" tires. I have put an estimated 5000 miles on the trailer since owned and just discovered what I believe is the beginning of tread separation and inevitably a future blowout. When checking the tire sidewall I noticed that is states that MAX LOAD IS 3450 LBS at 80 PSI MAX COLD. When checking the GAWR placard it states the max tire pressure is 90 PSI. I've always been told that the tire pressure should be as noted on this placard and have maintained this pressure religiously when traveling. Have I been over inflating the tires leading to my tire problem?

08-11-2009, 09:14 PM
cd3250, well I guess that you have been overinflating based on what the tire sidewall says, but it should not create a problem. Maybe a little extra wear. The problem comes in when tires are underinflated. Underinflated tires create heat, and that's a major cause of tire failure.


08-12-2009, 07:05 PM
Thanks cookie. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective) a "pre-flight" inspection revealed the beginning of tread separation which if undetected would most likely have resulted in blown tires on my trip. Going to have to replace all tires. I can only presume regular over-inflation to be the cause as all 4 tires are indicating problems.

08-12-2009, 07:16 PM
cd3250 - sorry to hear about your problem but at least you found it before ya had a blowout. We also have a 3250 which we got in Feb 07 and the first thing we did was to take it to a tire dealership and have nitrogen put in all tires. I know this will start a debate again about air/nitrogen but we have never had any problems running nitro nor have had a blow out. Guessing to date we have already logged over 20,000 miles on the original set of tires and they still look good (of course we have them checked twice a year by the tire dealership). As you have read, there is also another huge debate on which kind of tires to replace them with, but my recommendation is to get what you can afford and put nitrogen in.