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    One Million Miles

    thanks, missed the first truck.
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    One Million Miles

    good read, but why is the gentleman standing in front of a dually when the article is about an f-250?
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    Rubber Grommets Holding Stove Rack

    Here is my thread about that mod. //
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    What did you buy the first night?

    Our first purchase was a second battery. it was at 2:00am and 12 *F outside and the furnace stopped. Luckily we were staying in a Walmart parking lot. found out later that the T.V. was not charging the 12 volt system due to a missing fuse.
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    My 2012 Ford F450 Classy Chassis truck build

    Re: My 2012 Ford F450 Classy Chassis truck build - Vinyl Graphics I like to color and the graphics. Additionally if you can get graphics for "cheap" just use Vinyl Off and change out the graphics with each trailer. It took me less than 30 minutes to strip full side graphics off of the 450 with...
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    WA Rally Debrief and Photos

    Wish we could have been there, it looks like a good time was had by all, but we are trailerless, truckless, and a few thousand miles away. I might try to make it to Gillette next for the National rally for a cameo appearance one day.
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    It was a great ride...

    Well we are finally RVless. Had the Landmark sell to another young couple in Utah back in June, and Just sold the F-450 to a family in Wheatland, WY to haul a horse trailer for the rodeo. I start classes at the University on Monday, So I will go from driving a 10,000# Ford truck to riding a 26"...
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    Campgrounds around Colorado Springs.

    Garden of the Gods CG is nice and in a great location. We stayed there for our wedding, we got married in Manitou. There is another nice small CG east of town Falcon Meadows CG. it is cheaper and greener than GOG. We stayed there for a few day when my Brother got married. it is nothing fancy...
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    Height 4x4 vs 4x2

    Towed a Landmark with a 4X4 F-450 and the trailer needed no adjustment.
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    2006 F-450 Hauler

    2006 Ford F-450 Utility Bodywerks Hauler 6.0l PSD with 53,500 miles 19.5” Alloy Wheels with Hankook AH11 Tires All Aluminum 7 door storage bed Custom leather interior with very nice oversized captain chairs Kelderman Air-ride 2-bag rear system with in cab control twin fuel tanks with a total...
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    Can't post to BH-ATF

    I can't post there either. I think that Michael might have to weigh in on this one...
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    No longer full-time, We got our house!

    Well, the trailer is now empty and is stored. It was very odd seeing it so empty and "plain" again. The view out the front window is a bit nicer with out the Landmark block the view.
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    No longer full-time, We got our house!

    I am going back to school at UW to become a Pharmacist.
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    No longer full-time, We got our house!

    Well it has been almost 2.5 years since we hit the road in our Landmark, but that road trip is now over. Yesterday at 4:00pm we got the key to our house here in Laramie. We spent the last few hours of daylight moving a trailer load of stuff my parents brought up from Colorado and then hauled the...
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    leaking flush water line

    We can get to our anti-siphon valve by removing the access port in the shower. The problem is probably a broken valve due to the anti-siphon valve freezing because the black tank flush was not winterized, we had that problem the first year we had our trailer.