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    iRV34 Radio Problem

    I would agree. Mine is the same way.
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    Sundance 3300ck:Receiver hitch info

    I would never trust a generic, bolt on type of hitch, for anything. It's worth the money to have a custom, STOUT hitch welded in place. Anything that attached to the bumper is at risk. Those bumpers are not meant to carry any kind of a load. The spare tire is all I would ever attach to mine...
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    Our 245 XLT

    Still loving the XLT. Perfect size for the two of us, and the two dogs.
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    Our 245 XLT

    No. A couple of different areas in those pictures. A couple were up in Taylor Park, CO and a couple from our secret little spot off of Peak to Peak highway. Hey, how are you liking the new 5th wheel? I sure like how they pull, and enable me to pull my atv trailer along behind it.
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    Our 245 XLT

    Still really liking and enjoying the XLT. It's the perfect size for my wife, myself and our two dogs and ATV's. It allows us to "get out" and find remote locations, roads not always required. It's how we like to camp. Not fans of campgrounds and all the people associated with them. Plus, the...
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    Views From Your Campsite

    Last trip of the season into the high country to our secret little hideaway.
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    Our 245 XLT

    Other than the furnace not working on our first trip to the high country, we have really enjoyed the XLT.
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    Switch / Command area

    I find it kind of convenient to be able to access the monitoring panel from outside the door when filling or emptying the tanks. Nice to not have to walk inside with less than sanitary shoes while doing these tasks. I also stand outside while extending or retracting the awning so I can keep an...
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    Which pin box & hitch do you recommend?

    Re: Which pin box &hitch do you recommend? The MOR/ryde pinbox is not an air pinbox, and it is about $2k cheaper than an air hitch. That is some serious $$$ that can be spent on other accessories for the trailer. Love my MOR/ryde.
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    HL Towing capability

    I pull 3,000 lbs. behind mine. Tongue weight scaled right at 270 lb. No problems at all pulling. You can't tell anything is back there and it tracks right in the 5th wheel tracks when turning. 60' nose to tail.
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    Question on Abbreviation

    I'm right there with you on this. The whole RV community seems to think they have to communicate by code for some weird reason. Seems it would be much easier to communicate if they could just type out the words. Maybe it's a spelling issue?? They use a whole page full of abbreviations. Dumb.
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    Blowmax owners group

    I won't be a member of the Blowmax owners group as I put a set of Carlisles on shortly after the purchase of my Sundance XLT. Stepped up from LR D to LR E, so I'm feeling relatively secure. This is one owners group I have no desire to be a part of. ;)
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    Considering Sundance 298BH LXT 5th Wheel

    Not familiar with that particular model, but I am extremely pleased with my Sundance XLT 245RL. Seems to be a great value for the money compared to similar, far more expensive 5th wheels. I've upgraded the tires, and put a MOR/ryde pin box on it and we are happy campers.
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    Utah in Oct

    There are some things to go see right in the Kodachrome area. There are several slot canyons as well as Grovesners Arch. If memory serves, the arch is south of Kodachrome, and the slot canyons are a little west. Haven't been down there since 2008, so I can't remember the exact directions. I...
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    Unsupported foot of mattress?

    My 245RL is the same. Don't know why they build them this way, but I'm going to either replace the whole piece of plywood, or add an extension to what is there. Not a real big deal, but it would be nice to be able to tuck the sheets in tight at the foot of the bed.