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Thread: EQ hitch for North Country

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    EQ hitch for North Country

    Has anyone found an EQ hitch that works well with a North Country . The coupler is mounted under the frame instead of the top.Having trouble finding an EQ that will work.

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    I have a north country 30BHS, and I use an Equalizer hitch with the 1200# spring bars. Just make sure you put the L brackets on right for lower coupler on your trailer. The dealer put mine on wrong and now since I fixed it - works good.


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    I use Reeses Strait-Line Trunnion Bar. First time towing a TT 4 me so I don't have a lot to compare to. But had no problems, it stayed straight behind me!!!
    Truck rode good too!

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    We use and Equalizer hitch and it works great. I have no problems backing or turning. Its a lot less work that those chain systems. When camping I just unhook from the trailer and swing the Equalizer arms under the trucks rear bumper.
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    I have the Reese WD with 1200lbs bars. I added the Reese HP dual cam sway control because the sway was incredible with mine. It's easy to set up yourself if you do a little reading and research about it.
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