1. R

    Furnace Outlet does not line up with floor inlet Ducking.

    Furnace Outlet does not line up with floor inlet Ducking. I have a Suburban SF-35 Furnace, the outlet port on the Furnace is positioned in the middle while the floor inlet is positioned to one side. Resulting in only half of the hole open. Is this a factor defect or should I notch the floor so...
  2. N

    Lost Power to all 110v outlets On Kitchen Slideout

    Power to the 110v outlets on the kitchen slide went out and then came back on. Over the course of the night, they failed again and have not come back on. Flipped all breakers on the unit and checked all GFI outlets and did a reset on those as well. Far from an electrician here, any insight or...
  3. M

    bighorn 3585RL Water leaking during rain in my basement from aluminium rail above driver side door

    I have a 2013 bighorn 3585 RL. I notice rain dripping a lot during rain the other day. it is dripping from the top of the piece of aluminium rail on the top of the frame (toward the front of the rig) of my basement door on the driver side. Caulking looks good around the door frame. Has...
  4. J

    2018 Bighorn traveler mattress

    Question for the group. Does anyone know who manufactures the matress that comes in the Traveler? The label say cougar platinum series, black label. We have less than 30 nights on the mattress the body signature is about 3" for my husband and 2.5" for me. we are not large people, 200 and...
  5. G

    Lippert Auto Level Level up display problem

    Have 2014 Bighorn 3260EL. My display is virtually unreadable on my Lippert Level Up control panel (see attached photo). I have asked a repair shop and they suggested I unplug it and let ambient energy dissipate then plug back in and that should fix the problem. I would like to try that but in...
  6. K

    Accessible water shutoff valves

    The Bighorn 3160EL has a large pantry in the kitchen that is the location for an optional washer/dryer. But the water shutoff valves are located BEHIND the stacked units. :confused: You have to uninstall the dryer to reach them if you want to check the connections to make sure they haven't...
  7. G

    Roof repair being suggested

    We have a 2016 Bighorn 3570RS. We try to have it maintained properly, but we may have missed something. At Camping World service last week, we took the RV to get everything tip top for a long summer trip this year to Alaska. I received this portion of an email from the service advisor...
  8. M

    OK heres a new one regarding blank tank draining

    Just bought the 2006 3600RL bighorn. I can see the drains have been rerouted to avoid using any cables(I like this). having used the rig for about 5 days, the wife and I, I went to drain and leave. No black draining. I finally got it drained with the use of the power flush and the clear elbow...
  9. A

    2014 Bighorn 3070 Mystery Switch

    Hello All, New owner of 2014 Bighorn 3070. Have one mystery switch on the top left corner of the control panel. Any insite would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. G

    RV Lock for compartments trouble

    I just bought the new 4.0 for the front for of our 2016 Bighorn. It installed beautifully. Then I tried to install the 4 new compartment door locks. Not so easy. First, I discovered that Heartland installs the inside cover with 4 screws and 4 pop rivets. I really don't want to remove the...
  11. H

    Replacing Sofa Air Mattress

    Hi, Has anyone ever replaced their sofa air-bed with a foam or other type of mattress. We own a 2013 Bighorn, and have used the airbed for the grandkids a number of times, but it's already loosing air overnight and I'm looking for another type of solution other than replacing it with the...
  12. B

    Tredit Tire & Wheel

    Singing Praises to Tredit Tire & Wheel in Elkhart, IN for the help and assistance I had with my wheel having a pin hole leak on my 2015 BigHorn RV. They were so helpful and guided me through the warranty process and delivered a replacement wheel within 4 days of contact. Thank you to Deana and...
  13. gslabbert5119

    BlowMax blowout rips hole in floor

    I had a blowout of the left rear tire of my 2013 Bighorn 3685RL on Jan 3rd in New Mexico, I caught it immediately and thought that I had only lost the skirt. So I ordered a new skirt and I have had it for a month or so and went to fit it today, only to find that the tire has ripped a 6 inch wide...
  14. T

    2012 BigHorn 3685RL Fifth Wheel - $34900

    2012 Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel camper. Excellent condition. Well maintained. Fully loaded with many options. 2 A/Cs, electric awning, hydraulic auto-leveling system, electric fireplace, electrical management system, double door fridge with ice maker, king bed, solid surface countertops...
  15. mbudzi

    Total Newbie Questions from trucks to campsite length issues.

    Hello all, total newbie here but my wife and I are looking to go full time while we pursue travel nursing. We are wanting to go big enough that we have the space for us and our two dogs. We love the bighorn and we are wanting to go with the rear den option but I still have some issues that I am...
  16. A

    GFCI outlet to refrigerator. I can't find it!

    Howdy forum, I purchased my first RV Aug. 2nd and been liking it so far! I was figuring out how some of the settings with the refrigerator when suddenly LP comes on, I tried hitting auto again, LP only came on, hit it once more and went back to auto with the LP light on still. Did my research...
  17. 2

    Cappuccino Bighorn

    Does anyone have a full body paint, Cappuccino color, Bighorn near Upland, CA that we could see? We are considering ordering one but would like to see one first and are having trouble locating one at a dealer. We can be reached at 909-238-9279. Thanks!!
  18. G

    Lippert Auto Levelers - Hydraulic Problem?

    Hello All, Have a 2014' Bighorn 3260EL. It has been sitting for the Winter months (outside in Oregon), and this week-end took it in to get new tires. Worked the auto-leveler to raise the 4 leveler jacks, then the front jacks. When I went to retract the rear jacks, it worked well for a while...
  19. P

    Considering a 2013 3370 RK, What are folks towing with?

    I'm considering the purchase of a 2013 Bighorn 3370RK, but would like to know what current owners are using as a tow vehicle. I have a 2012 F250 SRW.
  20. M

    Advice BH 3160 EL vs. 3270

    Debbie Foster posted on our Twitter page: Thinking of getting @heartlandrvs ‪#‎Bighorn3160EL‬ or 3270. Any Reviews, advice? Looking for ‪#‎5er‬ under 36' ‪#‎Bighorn‬ owners, any advice for Debbie? ‪#‎MyHeartland‬ Visit our Facebook page to comment as well. :)...
  21. L

    Bring Back Bighorn Bunkhouse Floorplans

    My husband and I currently own a 2011 Bighorn 3800BH which includes 1.5 bath, bunk house sleeps four, and air mattress sofa bed in living room. Booth dinette sleeps one person but only used once. We are starting to search for a replacement FW; planning to purchase in the next year or two. We...
  22. B

    2006 Bighorn AC Remote Replacement

    Is there any way to get rid of the remote and put in a wall thermostat without having to replace the air conditioner as well? My remote/receiver quit this morning.:mad: Thanks
  23. G

    Yeti package missing?

    I have a 2015 bighorn 3570rs and my lines froze this morning. I took off the wall of the basement behind the UDC and started hitting the pipes with my heat gun. I was wondering if someone could point out where my heated "Pump line" is? I have the "pump line" switch on and LED shining bright, but...
  24. F

    Beautiful 2011 Bighorn 3585 for sale..NEW PRICE

    Plans have changed, and we need to sell our beautiful Bighorn. Our original MSRP was about $93,000 (I can find this if you would like to see it). We added over $30,000 in options including: 4 point hydraulic auto leveling system with electric rear stabilizers Onan Cummings 5500 Watt Propane...
  25. D

    Question about winterizing and shore power.

    Hi All, I have a Bighorn 3260 EL and just winterized the rig. Here is my question. I have a battery disconnect which I turned on (to disconnect). I store the RV in our yard. Can I run shore power to the rig now? I have been told it's OK, others have told me not to because it burns up the...
  26. F

    RV vs Truck GPS user updates?

    et al: Pulling the BigHorn 3875FB (41ft). After reading reviews on numerous GPS models to the point of blurred eye sight, I see the perfect GPS has not been developed ...yet. Reviews are all across the spectrum. Two fears, low bridge and getting into situation where I have to back up. I'm...
  27. G

    Replacement Fireplaces

    Hello all I had an accident with my old fireplace. Putting your heel through the glass when stumbling backwards voids the warranty (go figure). In my haste I pulled the unit and tossed. Silly me I didn't take the info on it. I have searched the websites and called RV dealerships but they are...
  28. mdedgett

    Rear Access Ladder

    Many of the steps (rungs) on the ladder are broken. I fear for my safety when I go onto the roof to check things out or clear the top of the slides before retracting them. Can replacement rungs be purchased? Where can they be obtained? Can we get the owners club discout for them?
  29. P

    Frig care in storage

    I am new to RVing. Myspouse has some experience. We justbought a new 3610 BH. :)Our frig is a 4door Dometic with icemaker. Aftercamping for 4 nights, we have put it in storage for a few weeks until we can goagain. There was some frost in the backof the freezer component when we left it, so...
  30. PSF513

    Entry Step Mod with photo

    Even tho our BH3610 RE has 4 steps, I built a 4 step replacement on a flatter slope to make it easier for "old knees" to climb in. Fits across the F250 pickup bed.
  31. Jim-n-Leslie

    Hydrogen Sulfide Smell from Drains - BH 3385RL

    Since dewinterizing (I do not recall the issue last season) I have found the smell of rotten eggs - hydrogen sulfide - from my gray water tanks. :p At first it was isolated to my kitchen sink (the previous couple of trips in March and April), but now I am having the same smell from the bathroom...
  32. H

    2011 Bighorn 3585RL Pix

    Hey Jim, Mike, Coley, We've been looking hard at the 3580RL for a couple weeks now. Don't know why I've missed the 3585RL?? It's the Bighorn Grand Canyon!!! I need pix of the inside of this coach. More the entertainment center than the other areas, because it seems to be the same as...
  33. bigbird272

    Floor Not Level in Bighorn 3580

    I posted this same question awhile ago and absolutely no response from anyone in the factory? I thought this site was monitored by the factory? I have a new 3580 Bighorn. The trailer is siting on a pad level. The kitchen floor is not level. It is level from the entrance door to the built...
  34. bigbird272

    Bighorn 3580 floor

    I have a 2009 Bighorn which I bought new just 2 weeks ago. I have noticed that the kitchen floor is not level. It is level from the door to the built in island then gently slopes down towards the kitchen/entertainment slide. Is this normal? Can someone from the factory advise. The slides...
  35. bigbird272

    Floor in Bighorn 3580 not level?

    I am not sure if this is normal or not? I have a new 2009 Bighorn 3580. From the entry door to the built in island is level. Then if begins to slope down towards the kitchen slide. This maybe on purpose in order to allow for the kitchen/ entertainment slide to come in easier but I don't...
  36. jpajax

    Bighorn water filter add on

    Well first mod to the new 2010 3410re. Will try to post photos. Have found out if you are not full timer you need to take filter cartage out and put in freezer when you get home or if not using the camper for more than a week. It can get pretty nasty with the summer heat. Saves from having to...
  37. W

    Exactly one year ago today, we bought our Bighorn

    Exactly one year ago today, we bought our Bighorn at the Earlybird RV show in Abbotsford, BC. We're going back to the show today with some friends, just for fun. Over the past year, we added a baby to our family and went out with our 9-year-old out and with the baby in our Bighorn for two weeks...
  38. bigbird272

    New 3580 Bighorn PDI etc.

    I am now sitting in my new 3580 at the Pacific Border R. V. Park here in the S. Surrey White Rock area of British Columbia Canada. I spent last night at the local dealers transferring stuff from one trailer to the new one. It took hours. The PDI went well but there were a few problems as...
  39. J

    2011 Bighorn Literature

    The 2011 Bighorn literature is now available. It's an 8.5 MB pdf. Click here to download it. Jim
  40. bigbird272

    3580 2009 Bighorn

    3580 2009 Bighorn, No Bedroom Slide Sseals? I am purchasing the above model from a local dealer. When I checked it I noticed that there was no rubber seal on the back of the bedroom slide. There were good seals on the other slide but not the bedroom? I checked two other Bighorns at the...