2010 HB 6000Re ceiling surround sound


Does anyone have experience with removing ceiling surround speakers so I can install my onkyo 5.1 surround system. I would think you could remove the 5 ceiling speakers and possibly mount my own in their place and use the pre existing wiring . My only worry is how to mount the surround speaker mounts attached to the individual speaker where the factory ones were. How many of you have added a high end Home theater to your rig and your suggestions on whether to remove factory speakers or leave them for esthetic and mount my own in another location? Thanks in advance ☺


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I have the oem surround sound in my bighorn, and it seems to be a quality system, so I see no need to replace it...

my trailer didnt come with a music stereo, so when I finally got around to installing one, I had to build a speaker switch so that the surround could either play from the TV/DVD system, or switched over to play from the stereo system..... by default, after installing the switch so that the speakers could be individually switched on or off, and from tv to stereo, it also gave me a good access point to run outside speraker wires from..... I used RCA jacks at the termination end of the wires, and just plug my outdoor speakers in when I want to use them..... the speakers run off the device they are connected to, thru the speaker switch, so if we are on 120vac power to watch tv, OR, if we are on 12vdc listening to music, the speakers will always work...

I used (6) DPDT on-off-on toggle switches and a project box to make the switching apparatus.

some speakers have a cover that can be removed, or the speaker itself may be able to be pulled form the housing, and if this can be done, the housings can be drilled so they can be mounted to a surface without the need for the ugly mountings that some come with... the speakers in my bighorn is mounted in this way.... pull the speaker out and see the screws holding the housing to the ceiling....
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I replaced the complete sound and tv system in our Landmark. It has a ceiling with Styrofoam in it at about 5" thick at the edges. Took one original speaker off and stuck a screwdriver in to get an idea of the ceiling depth. Installed 4 Yamaha 8 ohm ceiling speakers, sub woofer under tv and a center speaker in the tv area. Yes this only works with the RV plugged into power. If you like sound this is the way to go. Also Yamaha amp with 1100 watts of power. Fourth picture shows old center speaker. The amp and DVD player are in the left hand glass cabinet. Amp is held down with plumbers strap screwed to the bottom of the cabinet as it weighs 40 pounds and likes to move around. Last two pictures are before the new center speaker and Yamaha tv upgrade. Hope this helps.


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