2019 - Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread


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The detour is probably best bet. Definitely want to get on 469 and not take 33 thru Fort Wayne. See you all next week safe travels!

Hey Keith,
It just hit me, no pun intended. Did you have any damage from the tornado?


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Hey Keith,
It just hit me, no pun intended. Did you have any damage from the tornado?
We were very fortunate and did not although it hit our subdivision. We just had alot of debris. Multiple houses destroyed it's horrible. Hopefully you all faired well down your way. I know it was bad down there also.


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Anyone running up to Elkhart on Monday? I need an envelope dropped off at Heartland Corp and can't break away. Thanks.


I guess it depends on where about Cinci and weather you prefer the scenic 2 lanes or 4 lane interstate. Could bring 70 or 75 over to Indianapolis 465 north around to 31 north then follow the map on 6 Jim provide. Looks like an additional 14 miles going that way but it would be 4 lanes until shortly after you get on 6 east.
Either way be safe and enjoy.

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Good bit of road work down to one lane on 31, but I guess thats everwhere.


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Anyone know how to remove he newer led light housing above the entry door. I am trying to install the furrion camera

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If anyone is going to the flea market In Shipshewanna today could you let me know. I bought the new kind of umbrella yesterday for my friend & she asked me if I could get another. Since Im on crutches it was a lot of walking yesterday & can’t do again today. I think someone said it is only open on Tuesday & Wednesday. LMN
Carol Ranck. 609-517-7332
Thanks so much

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Good morning All!
SkyMed is here right now doing a presentation! They are also hosting a wonderful Appetizer Brunch. Come on down! We are in the AG Hall just east of the Rally hall


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If you missed today’s SkyMed session there is another one tomorrow on Thursday at 1:00 pm at the AG Hall. Carolyn and Paul will be hosting a Gourmet Ice Cream treat during their presentation. Signups are appreciated at their booth in the Marketplace or in a reply to this message!


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Come on down to the AG Hall and Listen to a presentation from Dennis Williams With NOMADS Mission Volunteers. Going on right now!


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Thank you to all the prize runners at this evenings Dinner, you all earned another meal since you worked off your dinner and dessert!!


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A few things available for sale tonight after dinner.
Tee shirts. Sizes available are:
Ladies M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL.
Adult S, L and XL.
We also have those really cool Hi-Viz club branded hats as well as another dark blue style.
Who doesn't need some extra rally bags? We got em.

All proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House Michiana.



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Thank you for a great Rally! The entertainment, food and seminars were very good and instructive. I personally loved Quilting and more! I met some wonderful sewing sisters and look forward to continuing the traditional at future rallies.

Save travels everyone!

Karen Fredrickson

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Thank you Jim Beletti, Julie Hancock and the core team for an AMAZING rally and great time! It was obvious that there was a ton of preparation and organization to this thing and the execution was flawless as far as I saw!

I would also like to thank Jim Fenner and Heartland RV’s for their tremendous support and generosity in everything they did during the rally for us and the others. The service crew was amazing.

Also, thank you MorRyde and Lippert Components for their support and hard work during the event. I called LCI after I was here and told them that I was having an issue with my 2 year old 18k Flex-air pin-box and they not only agreed to get it fixed, they sent and installed an upgraded 21k pin box for free!!

Customer service like that is why I am a loyal customer of LCI!!

Last but not least, thank you to all of the attendees and Heartland Owners Club members that made it here!! Without all of you, none of this would be possible!

Safe travels all!



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The 2019 NAHOR was a great time, over too quick! We left Sunday before 7am, so if we failed to say goodbye, I'm giving a virtual hug to all, and hope to see y'all down the road!!

Thanks Jim, Julie, Terry, and the core team, not to mention all the other helpers along the way!

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Thanks to all who made our first National rally a success. We had a wonderful time with wonderful people. Hard to believe it's already over. Safe travels!


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Great rally again! Always fun to meet up with friends and also to meet new friends too. Entertainment was great, the tours were all great and the catered meals were good too. Thanks for all the efforts of the rally team and their hard work. Safe travels to everybody and we’ll see y’all down the road, at a chapter rally, or somewhere.

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We attended a mini rally this afternoon at a rest stop on I 80 west. There were at least 8 rigs from the National rally there from the time we arrived until we left. What fun.