Announcing New Mexico Chapter Leaders

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Congratulations New Mexico Chapter and welcome your new Chapter Leaders, Fred and Eileen Richardson (fredrichardson)

This chapter includes the entire state of New Mexico in the Mountain Region.

Previously, HOC members with New Mexico addresses defaulted to the Colorado Chapter. The home Chapter of all those members has been changed to the reactivated New Mexico Chapter.

Any Heartland Owners Club member may choose any active Chapter as their Club Chapter if they feel it would be more convenient for them than their current Club Chapter. Use this link to go to your membership profile and choose your new chapter from the drop down list.

Thank you Fred and Eileen for accepting the leadership of the New Mexico Chapter.

Julie Hancock
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Congrats Fred and Eileen and thank you for stepping up to lead the New Mexico chapter. Have fun with it!


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Fred and Eileen, welcome and thanks for stepping up to a leadership role. I hope you have fun with it and never forget that you have other chapter leaders as well as Jim and Julie to answer questions and to help you out.


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Congratulations and Thank You for stepping up and taking the reins for the State of New Mexico.


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Congrats and have fun. We sure have so far. Lol

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Fred and Eileen,
Congratulations on your new Chapter Leadership role. See you down the road. Trace
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To all,

Eileen and I want to thank you all for the welcomes. We have been talking about getting our current RV for years and I did a lot of research the last 24 months. Two things made us go with Heartland. First one was Tom Montague moving over to Landmark. We saw what he did with the Redwood product (we almost bought one) and when I heard he had taken over Landmark I realized I needed to look further into the Landmark product. We fell in love with the Ashland floorplan and when we finally got a chance to see one we knew it was the one for us. Second were the forums. With Landmark starting from square one with new products I started really reading the Heartland Owner Forums. It looked like anytime there was an issue Jim or Tom were on top of it and in almost all cases the issues were resolved. I then read how Heartland owners help each other and there is a true feeling of pride when it comes to owning a Heartland RV. Well we are also proud to be a part of the Heartland family and love our Landmark RV.

I will be reaching out to all of you as we learn to become a Chapter leader. I do need to let you all know that I have some medical issues that I need to take care of for the next few weeks so I might not be able to do much right now. When I get through this period I plan on learning what we have to do to get New Mexico back on the Heartland map with at least one if not two rallies. We have a beautiful state (fifth largest in size) and some amazing places and events to come visit.

Eileen and I are really looking forward to meeting you all in person.

Thanks again,



Founding Texas-West Chapter Leaders-Retired
Congrats Fred & Eileen! welcome to the Heartland Leadership team. We know and love to visit your state! Hope to make a rally if we can. -- Erika & Tony in Texas.

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Congratulations and welcome to the team. Good luck getting your medical stuff taken care of, then hang on! It is quite a ride.:)

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