Bathroom door on M27


Hello Everyone,
Recently my wife and I purchased a 2017 Mallard M-27 we attended an RV show, had no intentions of purchasing a new one but fell in love with the spacious floor plan and features.
The one thing I would change or recommend that Heartland fix, is a way that you can open the bathroom door with the slide closed.
We are taking our first trip in it this week can't wait.


I would agree it makes the dump station a little bit of a pain if you do not have onsite sewer hookups. We were at CW today and went into an m27 a month older than ours that had a solid bedroom door(we only have the curtains) seemed like a poorly installed slider for the bedroom as well.


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Keep in mind that the Mallard is spec'd by Camping World. I don't know if Heartland would take it upon themselves to make changes.



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Same scenario in our M32...I keep the bathroom door open during storage and short transport and put a small pillow at the bottom to prevent the door from swinging and damaging parts.
Keeping it open also helps with the ventilation.