Broken slide out


We have a 2014 Trail Runner,recently our slideout broke. We found that on the top of the traveler slide is a composite type grommet that acts as a stop is gone. We think we have found the part through a manufacturer. The problem is getting the new part in. The slide rail system appears to be welded in place prevent me from taking the rail out to install the new part. Has anyone had this issue or had to replace something like this? Any help or inside would be very appreciated


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Does the slide still function properly? It looks like that piece is just a plastic glide to prevent metal rubbing on metal and making noise.
Don't know about replacing it or if I even would. Might try a little slide lube in there.



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The 1st one shows the white stop in on the drive side..the other is without
I think it is a wear bushing rather than a stop. I suspect you will have metal to metal wear without it. Based on the picture it appears the inner and outer pieces will need to be separated before installing. This may require pulling the slide?


It is a glide but also acts as a stop..if you see the one that's missing the piece there's actually a welded bead that the glide stops against when it's extended far enough..without the stop it went out past the weld and now can't retract the slideout