How thick is the roof of my Elkridge?


Here's the Verizon tower coverage for Texoma. Can you share a little more precisely where you'll be? Looks like decent coverage on most of the East side but the West has some dead area...



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Looks like we will be by 184624, just north of 70 at Johnson Creek. Thank you guys, I need to do my research a little better when planning locations. But this is only when I have to have service for work. Other than that I prefer to be some where my phone does not work. LOL


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We use the WeBoost as well. For a pole I went to Home Depot and purchased the retractable painters pole in the paint section. It extends to over 30 foot and collapses to about 10 foot. I use 2 suction cup mounts that I purchased from Techno when we purchased the WeBoost.
The best thing about the painters pole is: it was only $39.00 compared to the pole sold for over $150.


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Update, happy to report from Lake Texoma that the Weboost is performing as expected. Outside the camper and away from the internal Weboost antenna I have 1 bar 4G, inside the camper I have full bars. We are happy with that.