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Wayne, go into the HOP main map and zoom down close to your location. Place the little hand on your spot and double click. This centers the map on your spot. Write down the lat and longitude info (from the box on the right) and then go to your entry on the HOP and enter that info and you should be good to go.


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Here's the How-To pdf file. It may not be perfect.

If anyone wants to take a critical look at the How-To and mark it up with changes, I will gladly make them and post the update. You can scan/email or fax me the marked up copy. Thanks for any help on this help document :)




I think your PDF instruction is good for adding the push pin the first time, however if you want to change it, it will not reinitalize the push pin. I found the way that Ray descriibes works good to relocate the push pin. However if I understand the Google directions you can delete your push pin then go back in and follow the instructions and it will place it at the new location..

The previous link indicated by irvin56 also works pretty well.

I deleted my Push Pin and attempted to redo it using the instructions in the PDF.
It will add the Push Pin the first time but will not relocate it after the first location. To relocate it I find it easist to find my location using the HOP first map, copy the Long & Lat then select the [Your Entry] field. Enter the information and the Long & Lat previously copied. I find this method works all the time. I also used Photobucket to add the image on the push pin.

Hope this works for you.
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I think what you are failing to do is delete current information at the very start. You cannot change locations, you must delete your current information and start over.

This the way I do it.

Open HOP page and click on (YOUR ENTRY), it will then show your information and location. At bottom left of the page, mark the (Delete the marker information). Then click the (update information) at bottom. A new blank map will now come up and you can click your location and zoom it in until you get your location pinpointed, then enter information you want in Marker title blank, and Marker text. Go to bottom of page and click (Insert the information). Then you will have changed your location or updated your information. The map will reload and show all the markers.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Everyone!! I finally got it to work with all you assistance.