Introduction - Ontario Chapter Leaders

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Heartland Owners Club Manager
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Congratulations and thank you, Mike and Donna Tinklin (bighornby) for volunteering to be the Chapter Leaders for the Ontario Chapter.

Mike and Donna are taking over from Bob and Christine Fournelle who have accepted the role of Directors for the Canadian Region. Thank you, Bob and Christine, for all you have done for the Heartland Owners Club.

This chapter includes the entire province of Ontario in the Canadian Region.

Everyone, please join me in welcoming, your new Ontario Chapter Leaders, Mike and Donna!


Founding Canadian Region Director - Retired
Mike and Donna
Congratulations and thank you for stepping up to be of service the club. We know you do well and we wish you all the best. You know our number at any time.
Wayne and Gayle


Pacific Region Directors-Retired
Mike and Donna,

Way to step up and take on the Chapter. Congratulation and have fun with it.



Canada-East Region Directors-Retired
Just returned home from both the Ontario chapter and North American rallies. Had a great time.

Congratulations Mike & Donna! I know you'll do a great job.
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