JT Strongarm Stabilizers


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Can the JT Strongarm Stabilizers be installed on RV's(Bighorn 3670) with hydraulic landing gear? A few weeks ago I saw somewhere on the net where someone had to change there stabilizers because of hydraulic landing gear did not allow them to work. Now I can't find the post to find out the specifics. Not sure if it was deleted or what. can someone enlighten me on this. Trying to do all my homework this time before I purchase since I will be purchasing new. Also still looking for a factory approved rear hitch to haul bicycles on my 3670. thanks in advance. Steve A. Dagro


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I put them on my 2011 with hydraulic landing gear last weekend. They work the same with hydraulic gear as electric. If someone knows a reason not to be using them I would like to hear it.


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They'll still work on hydraulic landing gear! All the legs do is go up and down, doesn't matter what's driving them an electric motor or hydraulics. I just installed the Eliminators and they work great! I went the pin box route for my bike rack: http://www.toppoprails.com/fifthwheel.htm

Good luck with your purchase!


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That was me...we had level-up installed, which required changing our original electric landing gear to hydraulic. The difference is the hydraulic legs that Trailair used on our unit do NOT have pinned drop feet...they are pinless, and this set-up does not work with JT's. We switched to Steadyfast and had the bolt ends welded to the large round feet of our landing gear. Hope this explanation clears up the confusion.

From what I've seen of the hydraulic legs that Heartland is using, they are pinned drop feet, so JT's should work just fine....


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We put the Eliminators on our Landmark and had no problems with the hydraulic leg operations.


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Is there a big difference using the JT's or eliminators over the tripod king pin stabilzer......any feedback would be great !!!!


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I can tell you at least for our comfort the tripod did not work well. On top of that it is a bulky peice of equipment to carry.
I made my own stabilzers out of the tripod. Huge difference in motion in the trailer.


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The Stabilizers we now have work far better than the Tri-pod we used to have. Storage of the tri-pod was always a issue. It was heavy and bulky to store. I stored it in the bed of the truck behind the hitch when we were traveling.

The Stabilizers are self storing and very easy to install. Tools needed was a cordless drill, couple drill bits, hex head bit for the self tapping screws, and a tape measure. Using the stabilizers requires another step during setting up. The locking screws need to be loosened so they move freely when lifting or lowering the landing gear or rear jacks. I also tighten the locking screws when the landing gear & rear jacks are up for travel to prevent them from disappearing on the drive to the next Park.


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Consider this mod to prevent losing your T-handles. These are Ultra-Fab Stabilizers, but the set up is the same. The wires are 6" fishing leaders, and the rings are key rings available at any hardware store. Drill a 1/8" hole in the handle and insert the rings. Position the handles at the point where you don't need to rotate them a lot to loosen or tighten, then connect the leader to the ring. If the handles do vibrate out, they won't hit the ground since the stabilizers are in the raised position for travel.

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