Raising the roof!


We just got a 2011 Cyclone with a 12 foot garage. Our ATV is too tall, so we plan to shorten the Upper loft area to allow more headroom in the front part of the garage. We plan to move the rear wall of the bunk forward 14 inches.

does anyone have any experience in this area?

related to that, we will need to cover the “scars” left where the Loft used to attach typo the walls and ceiling. I would like to purchase some of the wallpaper border for the “desert fury” pattern to match the rest of the interior.

Any insider hints will be much appreciated. What will we find under that laminate up on the ceiling and under The plywood on the loft floor?
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Congratulations on the new-to-you Cyclone and welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. We've got a lot of Cyclone owners on the forum, so you'll probably get some advice shortly.


Sounds like we are the first to attempt this. Well it worked out amazingly well! The Side-by-Side fits perfectly, and the loft is great with a twin sized foam bunk mattress. We were able to save the original interior finished wall and it looks great.

Would still like to find some matching wallpaper border though.