Retirement of Quebec Chapter Leaders


Heartland Owners Club Manager
Staff member
Effective January 28, 2017, Robert Letourneau and Louise Nadon (letourno) have retired as Quebec Chapter Leaders. Thank you, Robert and Louise, for founding the Quebec Chapter in 2011.

Sometimes when Chapter Leaders retire there is no one who volunteers to take over the Chapter as Leaders. When this happens the members of the now inactive chapter are moved to an active chapter until such time as their chapter is reactivated. All Quebec Chapter members are now members of the Ontario Chapter. Heartland Owners Club members may choose any HOC Chapter as their Club Chapter if they feel it would be more convenient for them than their current Club Chapter.

The Chapter Leaders of the Ontario Chapter are Mike and Donna Tinklin (bighornby).

If, in the future, someone in Quebec would like to try the Chapter Leader role, the Chapter can be activated again. Please contact your Region Directors, Bob and Christine Fournelle for more information about the Chapter Leader role.


Well-known member
Thank you Robert and Louise for leading the Quebec chapter. Wishing you all the best in your retirement from your leadership role.


Retired Canada-East Region Directors
Thank you and Louise for your efforts in promoting and maintaining the Quebec chapter.

We wish you happy & safe travels to the various world destinations you intend to visit.