travel with tanks full? Fuel 287


Hey guys, i noticed that my fresh water tank appears to have extra support bars under it for traveling full, was wondering about the grey and black tanks as we boon dock alot and almost always have had to travel to the next nearest dump station, are they going to stay put? my last trailer was not a problem but these tanks are twice the size. Any info would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
After 2 trips I noticed 1 support missing, 1 hanging down & the other was lose! Ae CW now we'll see how bad they butcher the repair & then Ill fix it right. I would suggest for everyone to keep an eye on them, they are only secured with self tappers.


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I would dump both the grey and black tanks before leaving the campground. I do not want to carry the extra weight. It is a lot easier on the tank supports. Of course in some situations, you can't dump before leaving but I would dump as soon as I can. A fifty gallon black tank in water weight alone weighs 450 lbs and about the same for a 50 gallon grey tank. So you can carrying next to half a ton of extra weight.