Water damage rear corner 2013 Big Country


We recently got the Big Country used, new to us. On a 2 month journey and have discovered water damage on rear wall near to the picture window and soft floor right there as well.
seems to have come from bad seal by rear window, but also am going to check above the window to be sure problem is not coming from roof.

I have several questions, as I will be doing the repair when I get home.

I know now that the walls are generally foam, sandwiched between thin ply. With wood or metal structural supports. Is the foam closed cell stuff, therefor I expect it is unaffected by water. Is that right?

How about the floor, what is it’s construction

I am pretty handy and can probably repair it myself with some help from friends, just trying to get the lay of the land here.



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The side walls on your Big Country are probably laminated with foam. If water gets in, the fiberglass on the exterior can delaminate.

The rear wall, if not a molded cap, may not be laminated with foam. There may be fiberglass insulation and wood supports.


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The rear wall won't be laminated to foam, so you should be able to peel the layers off from the inside or out. Probably both to ensure you stem the leak source.

Likely 2"x2" wall structure and unfaced fiberglass batt insulation. Give yourself plenty of time to do the work and it will turn out amazing.

If you end up needing trim parts, Heartland can likely sell you what you need.