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    Converter Location HELP PLEASE !

    The fridge control panel works on 12 volt
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    I have the TST 507 and it has never worked worth a flip. I only get two sensors to work on a regular basis and the others only work sporadically. I have changed batteries moved the sensors and still have issues. I have even replaced the receiver. I am totally disappointed in this product..
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    Crock pot rules. You can put potatoes, carrots, celery, onions and frozen chicken breasts or pork chops, or steak covered with cream of celery soup. Start in the morning and let it cook all day on low and by 430-500pm you have a delicious meal. Spaghetti is another good option.
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    Question about landmark sewer & grey waterer pipes under rig

    Never had a problem with our 2012 Landmark San Antonio
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    We Lost Our Son

    You certainly have our heartfelt sympathy, Prayers for your son. He is at peace.:angel:
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    AC Intermittent - Corroded cable connector

    It is located under the cover on the roof air. Take the cover off and you will see a bunch of wire lying there and there is a wire that looks like a phone wire (data cable) and it runs from the control box to a small cream colored splice connector. The other end of the connector has the data...
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    AC Intermittent - Corroded cable connector

    I have been fighting an intermittent bedroom AC for almost a year. When it worked it would freeze you out nut then it would quit working and only the fan would run and run and run without the compressor coming on. Changed out the control board and it did not change. I broke the thermostat...
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    4200 plus F350 DRW LB total length

    Texas the legal length is 65 feet
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    Had to change out the faucet set on the sink in the bedroom. It was leaking due to a split in the pipe inside of it. Got the new one at Lowes. Looks great and fit perfect.
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    Refrigerator DEAD

    Do you have power from the pedestal on both legs of the 50amp?
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    ATF: Bighorn - Hard Freeze Damage

    Exactly why we don't have an icemaker in our fridge. We have a stand-alone icemaker we keep in the basement - - - Updated - - - You might try Lone Star RV on the North Freeway (I45) or Ron Hoover in LaMarque or Katy. Both are Heartland Dealers and would probably have the part you need.
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    Male or Female Computer?

    Could it be a S for She, H for he and IT for it? S H IT :)
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    Fresh tank drain

    I wrapped it with pipe insulation tape. Been in 17 degrees without any issues
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    Seals Around Slideouts

    Be sure to clear the backside of the slides that contact the D seals. They become sticky and can damage the D seal. We had to replace ours and then coated the seals with 303 Areospace. Got the D seal from PPL in Houston.
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    New owner with question

    Agree with leaving the black tank closed until flushing. I believe you should leave the galley (kitchen) tank closed until it needs to be flushed because food debris will get into the galley tank and can 'stick' in the tank if it is left open. So by allowing it to fill that helps flush out the...