1. J

    Fuse box location all outlets out

    Heartland trailrunner 2022 27rks All of my outlets went out this morning. Only GFI I can find is in bathroom and it is not tripped. Is there another GFI? I cannot locate a fuse panel or breaker box. All other power working fine. Hooked up to shore power. Any help?
  2. N

    Assumed low voltage solutions | Cyclone 4007

    While connected to 50 AMP shore power everything will be fine for hours or even days then randomly the ATS will disengage and/or make a clicking sounds. Typically it will be a click or two then power is fine, but sometimes it will cause full loss of power to the coach till we go to a new...
  3. V

    12 Volt: non working LED lights in the living room slide outs

    We have a 2019 3900 MB Gateway fifth wheel RV and recently the LED lights and 12 volt overhead lights in the slide outs simply stopped working. The LED over head was turned on , then shut off and we found that both sets of LED are now off. The breakers and fuses are good and the wall plugs...
  4. ChiefX

    Fuel 305 wireless phone charger

    We bought a 2022 Fuel 305. During the dealer walk through the wireless charger in the master bedroom worked with my iphone. Now on our first trip I haven’t gotten it to work at all. We’re connected to 30 amp shore power. Everything else electrical works. Any ideas??
  5. Jbevolves

    Dometic Tstat issues start with E1, then E5 now what seems to be low voltage to tstats (both)

    Hello All, My first post, although I have been reading the forum since my purchase in 2020 of my 2017 Landmark 365 Madison. Thanks to everyone who shares and contributes. I began this trip down the rabbit hole with a simple E1 error in my front HVAC unit which controls the furnace. I tried...
  6. G

    Wire generator to converter

    Hello, I currently have a Champion 3400-watt dual fuel generator that works well with our travel trailer. However, using it on longer trips, such as stopping at a Walmart or boondocking, it’s not always convenient to use it on the ground or in the truck. Because of this, I am considering one of...
  7. G

    Replacement 15 amp AC breaker

    I own a 2016 Heartland Bighorn 3010re. Recently, the 15 amp breaker for the fireplace trips continuously. I verified that this is happening when the fireplace is drawing as little as 6 amps, so I pretty sure its a bad breaker. Does anyone know the type of breaker that is used in this trailer so...
  8. M

    New Owner 2009 Heartland Trailrunner - 30(?) feet

    New here. My Dad recently died and left a 2009 Heartland Trailrunner which he loved. I think its a 30 foot model. I've tried desperately to find manuals but to date have worked through trial and error. I have two questions that are increasingly critical for me. First, is there a switch that...
  9. B

    Rocker switch for Landing Gear

    I need to replace the rocker switch for the front landing gear on my 2011 Cyclone 3010 but not sure exactly what switch to get - there are so many. Old switch has 6 pins. I know it needs to be a DPDT momentary rocker on-off-on switch, but should it be a 125V 20A or 250V 16A or a 30A switch ...
  10. R

    Tripping breaker without any obvious electrical load.

    Hello, I am a new owner of a 2009 North Country 26BH trailer. We have owned the trailer for about a month, and have not yet taken it out on a trip. While the trailer has been parked next to my house, my wife and I have been slowly getting ready for our first trip. Bringing our existing camping...
  11. OSIN

    Ceiling lights, flickering like a Disco

    Hi Folks, We have a new 2017 Landmark365, it's about a month old. Recently the 2 of the ceiling light circuits randomly, dim, flicker, like a disco, and sometimes like a scene from the exorcist. I wish it was consistent, but it's just happening when it feels like it. All on Shore power, both...
  12. I

    Dangerous Electrical Issue - Cyclone 5th Wheel RV

    On a recent 2,500 mile trip between Chicago and Ft Myers, FL we ran into a problem with our running lights not working on half the carriage. Two days of troubleshoot and repair as a result of a electrical short at a steel cross member penetration. As a mechanical engineer I understand product...
  13. R

    2015 Cyclone 4000 refrigerator fuse issue

    Hi guys, Ive had my Cyclone 4000 for almost a year and a half. Rarely have issues but yesterday the 2 lights over my counter opposite the doors went out. My refrigerator also went out. All other lights work. The 5th fuse was blown. The breaker controlling it is labeled "conv." I'm guessing it's...
  14. Mattman

    Electrical 120v Safety Please

    Hello Guys and Gals, There is lots of good talk on here about towing safety. But I just want to touch on a few things about electrical safety, and practice. I have been an Electrician for the last 16 years. Not going to say I know it all, or seen every thing, and campers are slightly different...
  15. W

    Replacement red brake lens - buy online?

    I'm the new owner of a Heartland Trail Runner 27RKS. On our most recent trip, the red lens came off the back right tail light. Of course, the dealer says you have to bring the whole thing or the other lens in to replace it, but the dealership is far and that is silly. Can someone tell me a...
  16. H

    AC Current Requirements for Ceiling Fan and Fireplace

    Hi. This is my first post to a forum, but I've learned a lot reading through many of the forums. I am trying to determine which circuits to power through an inverter. I plan to move the circuits to a subpanel. I know for sure that I will power the GFCI, bedroom, and living room outlets and...
  17. C

    Battery vs. 110

    Just bought a 2012 Big Country 32' fifth wheel. This is my SEVENTH RV so I'm not completely new at this. Problem is, I didn't get any of the owner's manuals and that offers some challenges. Most recently, I'm not getting 12V power to my lights inside, but the landing gear and slides work on...
  18. zigzag3337

    3950 Design Flaw

    Don't get me wrong, we love our 2012 Cyclone 3950 HD, however whoever designed it to where the electrical fuse panel/converter is located directly under the kitchen sink needs to go back and get a better education on common sense. So far, we've had two leaks at the sink area. One being a drain...
  19. J

    Hair dryer question

    We just took our newly purchased 181 out for a shakedown trip and now we're looking forward to 2 weeks with it in FL after the holidays. DH insists I can't use my hair drying in the trailer, even with most other electrical appliances turned off. But after much surfing the net and these forums...
  20. danemayer

    Where is the Power Converter located

    Control Panel shows battery is running down - apparently not charging. I assume the Power Converter is not charging the battery any more. Circuit breaker is not tripped. I assume next step is to check the fuses on the converter. Anyone know where the converter is located on a 2011 Rushmore...
  21. C

    generator hookup

    Bought a Lifan 8500W peak power (7500 W continuous) 62.5 amp generator. It has a female plug-in rated 30 amp, 120/240 W with four plugs. Lifan says if I plug into this, it will more than handle my 2008 Bighorn 36L with two air conditioners. True? Also, the Bighorn is generator ready, but I...
  22. G

    Wiring schematic 2010 2998rb

    I want to install a hard wired power protection device on my unit. I need a diagram of the wiring to figure out where the main line is at a place where I can attach the power protection. I don’t want to take off the under belly just to follow the wire. If anyone has done this and can offer any...
  23. Jim-n-Leslie

    Replacement Light/Bulb for Stove Vent Hood

    I am planning on replacing the poor excuse for a vent hood light over the stove with an LED light. Same 12v, LOTS more output! Problem is, I have to sort out which of two ways I will go. I can cut the wires and insert a new fixture under the translucent cover...
  24. MystrMagic

    3914 electrical wiring diagram?

    Is there any chance of getting a wiring diagram for the 3914? I'm interested in tapping into my system for adding solar power, additional lights, inverter, etc., and would like to know how things are connected.
  25. G

    Electrical Problem

    We have 2010 3055 RL. Yesterday, the fan and light in the stove hood would not come on, in addition the lights over the sink and desk will not come on. All other lights, outlets and electrical appliances work fine. I attempted to check the fuses but none that I could tell were labeled for the...
  26. MystrMagic

    How long can I run things without the generator?

    Hello everyone. I'm planning to add several batteries to my new 3914 because it seems to make sense to have additional power, but as this is my first RV I don't really know what all actually runs on batteries. Obviously the 12v lights do, and the radio, the fridge (optionally), and a couple of...
  27. 5

    Fireplace Electrical Problem

    The rocker switch on my fireplace just fried. Took the thing apart and found the wires to the rocker switch overheated and one melted the spade connector off the switch. Seems a fuse should have blown before the switch fried. Has anybody experienced this yet. I've cleaned up the wires and...
  28. N

    Newbie electrical usage Qs and other misc stuff...

    Howdy all Me again – totally new to RVing and looking to live full time in a 3670RL this spring. I found someone that is interested in letting me rent their RV parking space on the side of their house with full hook ups. They will install 50amp service for me – how lucky! But I have a some...
  29. PSF513

    Kitchen Electrical

    We have a 2010 BC 3550. The biggest issue we have in the kithche area is no electric outlets. We have one by the sofa and that is it. It would be very helpful and handy to have 1 or 2 GFCI outlets around the counter areas.
  30. PSF513

    Kitchen Electrical

    We have a 2010 BC 3550. The biggest issue we have in the kithche area is no electric outlets. We have one by the sofa and that is it. It would be very helpful and handy to have 1 or 2 GFCI outlets around the counter areas.
  31. 1

    Electrical power issues

    I'm having some electrical issues with my 2004 Springdale (30 amp) camper. There seems to have been a power surge of some sort through my electrical system and something got too hot. No fuses blown and no breakers were triped. All appliances seem to work fine, but the inside lights will only...
  32. wdk450

    Dodge 3500 Cummins Electrical Problem?

    Group: I have the above mentioned vehicle, and I have noticed something funny with the alternator and voltmeter first thing in the morning. When I first start it up, even after waiting for the pre-heat light to go out, the voltage reading is below 14 volts, and the engine runs a little rough...
  33. L

    Voltmeter, Electrical Tools On RV

    Ok guys, I am sure I am speaking for heartland owners who aren't blessed with technical electrical and mechanical prowess. What easy to operate electrical tools do non technical folks need to carry while traveling on rigs that could make life a little easier? I am sure diagnostic tools are a...
  34. westxsrt10

    Electrical power question

    Headed out tomorrow for a short trip to Ute Lake NM and i'm checking things out to find: I have my shore power 120 ac connected and everything works, but when I disconnect my battery (disconnect switch) I have no 120ac power or 12 volt power. Basically nothing works with the AC plugged in and...
  35. D

    3010 Electrical problem - trailer lights

    Well I hooked up the camper and was doing my pre-trip inspection and I noticed that I didn't have any running lights and my driver side brake light and turn signal did not work. I checked all of the trucks wiring and I even removed the junction box cover mounted on the hitch. I checked all of...
  36. talley

    EMS Save

    While this event happened on Labor Day, I thought it might have some interest for those with the Electrical Management System... or thinking about buying one. I had my BH for two years before I finally installed a Progressive Industries EMS 50 HW. In put it in just prior to the trip to the...
  37. R

    3055RL Electrical trouble

    Does anyone know why our plug over the kitchen sink just stopped working?? Kettle woked fine and 15 min. later no power. Have checked GFI, plug it self, and breaker. All seem fine. I don't have any power coming to the plug. Is there a junction box in the kitchen area, I would think it would...
  38. R

    3055RL Electrical problem

    Does anyone know why the plug over the sink would just stop working? Have checked GFI switch, and breaker and all is working. No power to the plug at all. Is there a junction box in the kitchen area and if so where? It is sure hiden well if there is one . Any help would rally be good thing as...
  39. klindgren

    Major Electrical Problem

    Hoping someone with a whole lot more knowledge than I have can give me some pointers. We set up camp in Virginia Beach on Wednesday and everything was fine until sometime Friday. We lost power to the microwave, ceiling fan and all of the 110 outlets in the front end of the camper. The TV...
  40. A

    Electrical Filters

    Need some input, I have been having some problems with my unit's FM radio, that sometime while listening to it and an electic motor is turned on that it causes some static from the motor, ie..mixer ect. I know that on automotive units there once was filters that could be used to eliminate the...