1. Boca_Shuffles

    Fresh Water Drain Heater

    We will be traveling to a warmer climate this winter from Michigan. No doubt we will be stopping at CG along the way that may have the water during the day or even have the site water turned off. We would like to use our fresh water holding tank at night, but are concerned with the fresh water...
  2. currituck0209

    Fresh water tank

    I have ran antifreze through all my lines & ect. Drained the fresh water tank, shouLD I put some antefreze in the fresh water tank.
  3. Y

    Can't fill fresh water tank all the way

    When I try to fill my fresh water tank, I can only get a little over 1/3 full, then it won't accept anymore. I was able to fill it all the way in the past. I have a 2008 Big Horn 3400RL. Any ideas why this is happening?
  4. B

    Fresh Water Tank Drain Valve

    Has anyone modified the drain valve for fresh water tank on 2010 Bighorn 3055 RL. Trying to extend drain hose to side of RV so I do not have to crawl under RV to drain tank.
  5. A

    fresh water tanks

    Looking for some assistance :confused:, I have been having problems with filling my fresh water tanks on my 2009 Augusta, it appears that when I attempt to fill my tank/s that it on occasion will fill, but once it showed full and a short while later the meter read around 1/2 tank, while looking...
  6. C

    enclosed underbody vs enclosed fresh water tank

    Being a prospective new owner and comparing trailers, I realize the Edge does not have an enclosed underbody and the gray and black tanks are therefore exposed, but what about the fresh water tank? Is it inside, enclosed, not exposed to the elements and somewhat heated by the trailer? Where is...
  7. D

    fresh water lines

    I realize everyone has an opinion so I am lookinig for all of them. I plan on putting my trailer away for the winter and all that goes along with it. The question I have is do I just blow the water lines out or use the anti-freeze or both. I live in the mid-atlantic area and the wineters are...
  8. westxsrt10

    fresh h2o filler

    I found it almost impossible to fill the fresh water tank while dry camping because the filler hole is so high up in the corner of the docking station. I tried using a funnel but couldnt get any slope so the water went everywhere. This platform make it easy to hold the 6 gallon jug up while...
  9. J

    CY 3010 Fresh Water Tank - Some water is inaccessible - Discussion

    Hello...I have a new 2010 Cyclone 3010 and this past weekend I was able to use all the appliances in the toy hauler. I kept an eye on the fresh water tank and at 1/3 full I lost water pressure in the coach. I went outside and checked the drain hose for the fresh water tank, opened the valve and...
  10. newbie

    Filling fresh water tank through drain hose

    Like many others, I have had problems getting my fresh water tank full, before the filler line over flows. Last time I tried to fill up, I could onlt get it about 2/3 full. I was debating using a hose clamp and attaching to the drain line and filling from the bottom up (so to speak) until the...
  11. M

    3850 fresh water tank

    Still working out bugs on new rig. Most seem related to water system. I have already discovered that when the water gauge shows 1/3 it is empty for all practical purposes. The pump won't pick up anymore. Yet When you drain the tank it will drain for over 30 minutes. When we went camping this...
  12. M

    fresh water tanks on 3850

    It seems as though our new 3850 has two fresh water tanks? I measured how long it took to fill a 5 gal bucket then timed how many gallons went into the tank. (tanks??) At about 50 gallons my water gauge showed full ?? I put another 50 gal in and shut it off. appears there are two tanks...
  13. flamingknitter

    City Water Filling Fresh Water Tank

    I have been on the road for 6 weeks but now that I have been stationary for a week - I finally have determined that my fresh water holding tank leaking out of the fill spout is being caused by the city water. When I arrived at the campground, my fresh water holding tank was dribbling some...
  14. rfournelle

    Fresh Water Tank Location

    Can someone please confirm the location of the fresh water tank in the underbelly of the Big Horn 3055RL? Thanks, Bob
  15. C

    Why 3 Fresh water tank vents

    Bought a slightly used 2006 2955RL. There are 3 1/2in tubings near the rear. 2 of which puke out 1/3 of my fresh water supply. I solved the problem by stuffing baby carrots into 2 of them qnd a 1/4 turn valve into the 3rd one to facilitate filling but it bugs me where they go and what they are...
  16. Del600

    Fresh Water Tank Treatment

    I was wondering how often you guys treat your freash water holding tank? I store mine empty (well as empty as it will get with the drain open) and rarely use it, as we try to find full hookups. But as I was filling it yesterday, I thought that I should probably be treating it. So if you do...
  17. rgirouard

    Problems filling Fresh water tank

    I have tried filling my fresh water tank twice now (only had unit 13 days). Seems like there is 1/2 as much water flowing back out of the fill tube as there is going in. Didn't realize that the water would find its way into my basement but it did. That is not a problem but the backflow is...
  18. B

    Fresh water pick up?

    I just brought home a 2010 Sundance 2900MK. The water pump will start sucking air with 1/3 still showing on the guage and upon inspection of the tank itself, shows the water level right at the 1/3 sensor. Is there a pick up tube inside the tank that will pick up to the bottom of the "sag"? Or do...
  19. J

    fresh water connection

    Just back from first trip with 2800rls. turned on the pump and with no hose connected to the rv water was flowing out the connection. found parts laying on ground. inside the connector is a spring loaded stop to prevent this happening. had to remove connector and put those parts back togeather...
  20. S

    3300SK Fresh Water Tank Problem

    Can you tell me if the 3300SK has a pick up tube inside the fresh water tank? My water outlet hose (that connects to the pump) exits the fresh water tank about 1/3 of the way up and as a result only about 2/3rds of it's capacity is available. Since it appears to share the same outlet with the...
  21. S

    Only Able to Access 2/3 of Fresh Water Tank

    I have a 2008 3300SK. When we dry camp, only about 2/3 of the fresh water tank will flow until the pump begins to suck air. When I pull the bottom insulation away enough to see the fresh water tank, it appears that the tank outlet hose (that travels up to the pump) is mounted about 1/3 of the...
  22. C

    fresh water drain

    Greetings, We picked up our new Big Country 3250 TS Sat. and have been looking for the fresh water and the other holding tanks. I have found a drain underneath beside the spare tire. Is this the fresh water tank drain or the low point drain for winterizing? Also would love to know where the...
  23. N

    Fresh Water Tank?

    Where in the underbelly is the freshwater tank located? I want to fix my venting problem so I can get a faster fill, but don't want to remove the whole underbelly doing it.
  24. Tom of Ypsi

    Fresh water problems

    We are in a state park in Colorado and need to use our fresh water tank, 2/3 full at the moment. All valves are turned correctly for fresh water use but when turning on the pump water comes out of the city water connection. As a temp fix I put a plug in the city water connection to get flow...
  25. hillsonwheels

    Fresh water storage tank cleaning

    Anyone willing to share thoughts on the ABC's of how they go about chlorinating/disinfecting the fresh water tank? The frequency it should be done? :confused: Don't know how often it should be done but it seems to me it should be as simple as adding some clorox, filling to overflow and...
  26. JChatt

    Using Fresh Tank

    During dewinterizing, and sanitizing, I bled the air out of all the water lines, hot and cold. I still noticed air belching when I pump out of the freshwater tank. I verified the valving, and it is correct. I pressurized the system, and turned the pump off. The next day, I turned the pump back...
  27. P

    Fresh water tank-using it the first time

    We have a new 3055 and would like to know if we should do anything in particular before we use it for the first time. Also if we are going to leave water in it for an extended time, should we add a little chlorine?
  28. Del600

    Water Leak When Filling Fresh Tank.... 2998RB

    When filling the fresh H2O tank, I noticed a dripping from the piping. In the picture it shows which pipe the water was leaking around.... again the pipe it self is not leaking, but the water is coming from around the pipe. I repeated the process just to make sure, and it is only when I am...
  29. W

    Fresh Water Tank Drain on 2005 Landmark Mt Rushmore??

    We have a 2005 Landmark Grand Canyon. It is equipped with Power Tank Drain for the fresh water tank and Power Winterization e/w lengthy hose for access to RV antifreeze containers. I have never found a fresh water tank drain valve on this unit and have used RV antifreeze to ensure the fresh...
  30. T

    Routing of the Fresh Water Hose

    While camping in 10 degree weather, my fresh water hose between the tank and the pump froze. After looking I think the fresh water hose is resting on the metal frame. Has anyone else had this problem? What is the best cure?:confused:
  31. S

    Trouble filling fresh water tanks

    When ever I fill the fresh water tanks, it takes about 20 gal or so and then I start seeing back pressure. It then almost becomes impossible to complete the fill. I have read some postings with similar issues. Is this a common problem. I have a 2009 Oakmont. Also, should I be aware of the...
  32. 2010augusta

    anyone added a fresh water tank fill valve?

    Has anyone added a valve and a "tee" fitting the fill the fresh water while connected to city water. My old fleetwood class C had one, it made it real easy to fill the tank. I know the danger of pressure filling the tank, but I believe it can be done safely. your thoughts.
  33. B

    Fresh water tank operation

    I have a new 3055 and love it. I am trying however to use the water supply in the unit- tank is full and I can hear the 12v pump running, but nothing out of any outlet (no water- no air pressure). I found a valve under the unit that was open (think it is the fresh water drain) I closed it, but...
  34. R

    Fresh Water Tank split

    We have a 3 year old 3055 Big Horn 5th wheel. Late last summer when dumping the trailer I noticed the underbelly hanging down. Hit it and it was full of water. Lucky it was fresh water. Took the camper in and had them look. It has a split in the tank. It will cost about $800 to have a...
  35. B

    fresh water problems

    water comming out the fresh water fill line. came home to a mess dont know what caused it any suggestions. checked other day only had 2/3 of a tank some how it over fllowed with out putting water in too the tank unless city connection had something to do with???:confused:
  36. P

    Filling fresh water tank

    this is my 4th time filling tank, until now never had a problem, it got about 1/3 full and wouldnt take any more water. any ideas?
  37. T

    Draining Fresh Water Tank?

    We have a 2009 Bighorn 3670RL. Last week I filled the fresh water tank and now would like to drain it. Under our trailer to the right of the entrance door we have two hoses with valves (one red and one blue). I opened both and no water drained out? If I turn on the pump - water comes out...
  38. Barry Crocker

    Filling Fresh Water Tank

    Yesterday I was going to flush out and sanatize my fresh water tank on my 2008 3055RL. I completely drained the tank. When I went to fill the tank I can only get a few gallons in the tank through the fill line. After just a couple of gallons water starts backing up through the fill line. Any...
  39. D

    fresh water tank question

    I really think I read something about this but can't find anything in the 'search'. Everytime we try to fill the fresh water tank it overfills. Usually we only put in about 1/3 tank because of this. Today DH blew on the vent and it stopped overfilling for a bit. I forgot the fix to...
  40. S

    Carrying additional fresh water

    We want to do some beach camping next year which will require bringing additional fresh water. What is the best way to carry an additional 90 gallons of water? I have seen some tow vehicles with a large blue water drum and water pump assembly. Anyone have any web sites to go to? Where in the bed...