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Hi all. I and my girlfriend live in a 2016 Heartland Wilderness and have recently been having issues with water pressure. We have only been able to confirm our issues don't stem from the RV park or the pressure regulator. The issue seems internal.The pressure in the shower and bathroom sink fluctuate between decent and very low, while the kitchen has reduced to a very minimal stream. Sometimes when I turn on the kitchen sink a burst of water will come out but then it reduces back to its sad state. We don't think any pipes have busten, as there are no leaks. One site I visited made it sound like we had air bubbles in the pipes reducing flow, but we can't figure out how to confirm that or fix it.
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Thanks in advance!
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You may want to check your inlet check valve. Sounds like a flow issue, not pressure. Have you visibly ruled out flow past the external pressure regulator? Not just pressure, but a good stream?

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From a diagnostic point of view, put some water in the fresh tank, turn on the water pump, and see if things improve. If so, you likely have a problem at or near the water connection to the trailer. If you have improvement while on the pump, disconnect your hose from the water inlet, to confirm you are you getting good water flow and pressure out of the hose, after any filters or regulators.


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I would:
1. disconnect your water from the park source
2. disconnect the main PEX hose from behind the water inlet fitting
3. rig up a pail, or wrap a towel around the supply end of the PEX hose, or splice on some hose to the outside ground to keep the water mess down.
4. using an air compressor at the farthest fitting from the inlet, disconnect the Pex hoses 1 at a time and blow backflow air through the system from each point. Do this for the cold water system first. The hot water heater should be flushed out (see You Tube), and the hot water line will need to be disconnected from the hot water heater before air flushing due to a reverse flow check valve there.

Many people have told stories of finding all sorts of construction debris in tanks and lines from the assembly line. Also, there is the chance of hard water deposits in the lines. Do your neighbors have these water problems? I bought a Scalesweeper brand electronic hard water deposits treatment system endorsed by TV home remodeling hero Mike Holmes (Holmes Makes It Right). I believe I have seen a marked lessening of hard water deposits on my plumbing since installing this.