EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana * - 10/1/2010 to 10/03/2010

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Wilma and I are so glad we changed our route to San Diego and the timing was absolutely perfect, as was our stay at the Amana Colonies Rally was perfect too. We had such a great time like everyone else. Kudo's to Mark and Jennifer and Lauren was priceless.

We too would like to Thank Ketelsen RV for everything they did too.

For All who are staying home for the winter have a safe one and get those Heartlands out asap and go RV'ing.

For those who head south for the winter like us, Safe Travels and hope to see you at another Rally soon. We will be in the Denver area until Friday then continue our trek to Santee Lakes, just East of San Diego

Jim B. keep up the good work.

Wilma and Jim


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Kudos go out to Mark, Jennifer and Lauren and Ketelsen RV! What a fantastic rally for our very first one! We had waffled about making that 6 hour drive but it was very well worth it! We met great people, ate too much fantastic food and had a wonderful time! We visited the Amana Colonies Octoberfest and of course now have plenty of wine and more things to hang on the wall!
With rallies like this, we could easily become rallyholics as well!

Ray LeTourneau

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Re: Videos taken during games after potluck dinner

Lin & I finally made it home last night. We had other business going on and I've been off the Forum for a few days. It's all been said. I'm to late. What a great rally!!!

Mark & Jen, thanks, you did a great job. Loren is a really cute and well behaved little girl and it was a pleasure having her with our group. Good Campfires, good friends, fun activities and a great support team from Kettlesen RV made this a fantastic event. I'm already looking forward to next year. Thanks Again!!!


Re: Videos taken during games after potluck dinner

Thanks to everyone for making the first Iowa Rally so enjoyable. Mark and Jennifer, you set the bar exceptionally high for all future rallys. We too would echo the praise for the "Ketelsen Krew". It takes more time and work than meets the eye to pull off an event like this; so once again, THANKS MARK AND JENNIFER! Hope to see you all at the 2011 Iowa Rally, if not sooner. Gayle and Lance


WOW! What a great time we had at our first rally ever! We really enjoyed meeting so many new folks and taking part in the activities. Weather, setting and organization of the event were top notch. Thank you to Mark and Jennifer, Jim B. and all others we met and had a chance to visit with. We look forward to seeing you again and participating in Goshen in June.


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Re: EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana* - 10/1/2010 to 10/03/2010

A special thanks and Great job to Mark, Jennifer, & Lauren. What a great time Tara and I had and enjoyed. We are excited to meet all the wonderful people we did. We look forward to meeting everyone again sometime soon!!!


Re: Videos taken during games after potluck dinner

Thank you for the great time we had at the Iowa rally. Met nice people, had great food, enjoyed fun games, as well as, being educated about the Amana Colonies---what more could we ask for! Made it back to Oklahoma, did chores around the place and are now in Branson, MO. Thanks again for your hospitality and hope to see you on the road and at other rallies.
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